Building your own WordPress website

Why use WordPress?

WordPress is more than just a blogging platform.  Download and install on your own website, using your own domain name if you want, and use WordPress as a powerful CMS.

If you don’t already have a web server or host provider we can recommend several.

remember, you will need to perform backups and maintenance yourself. We highly recommend VaultPress for security and backups.

You can install a range of themes – hundreds are free, some have worthwhile paid-for extras.  You can even build your own with PHP and CSS.

Install powerful plugins to help extend your site’s functionality, including SEO tools, calendars, and e-commerce modules.

Get started

Find detailed instructions at

which includes the famous 5 minute install guide.

here are some key links:


Things to Know Before You Begin Installing WordPress


The Famous 5-Minute Installation


Detailed Installation Instructions


Common Installation Problems


Automated Installation


WordPress in Your Language


Installing WordPress in Your Language


How to Install Multiple Blogs


How to Install on Your Own Computer


Easy 5 Minute WordPress Installation on Windows


How to Install with Amazon’s Web Services (AWS)


How to Install at Digital Ocean on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS


Getting Started with WordPress (much more installation info)

After the Install – Getting Started with your new site

Once you have installed WordPress you will need to log in the Admin panel or the back-end of your website. Visit your site’s login page by placing “wp-admin” after your domain name (e.g. You can also place “login” after your domain. Some themes may provide a “login” link or form on the front end as well.

Now log into WordPress using your username and password.

Build Content!

Now all you have to do is create great content that people will love to read.  Create your pages, tailor your site’s menu, and of course start blogging with regular posts.

Want to know some of the technicalities?

Here are some great links from the team at WordPress:


1 Getting Started

1.1 Log In

1.2 Start at the Top


2 Test Drive Your WordPress Site

2.1 It’s All in the Details

2.2 Take a Quick Trip Around


3 Test Drive the WordPress Administration Screens

3.1 Quick Changing the Look

3.2 Writing and Managing Posts


4 Planning Session

4.1 Using the Information

4.2 What Information Do You Want to Share



5 Setting Up Your Site

5.1 Create Categories

5.2 Put Posts in Categories

5.3 Preventing Spam

5.4 What Is Next


6 Customizing Your WordPress Site

6.1 WordPress Themes

6.2 Customizing The Look

6.3 WordPress Plugins

6.4 Customizing How It Works


7 Above and Beyond the Basics


7.1 Getting More Help


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